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File sharing sending big change for large files up to the time ediliyor.yak continue to experience the sharers he emerges as a major issue. I, and I like e-mail service can not be sent to large to share your files or co-workers with your friends now it was very easy. In accordance with the growth rate of Internet technology by expanding the size of the file sharing sites proliferated

Sending files through online services sites, which we have prepared a list of issues refer back went above and send sized file storage service. [ads]

Bigupload :  you can send files up to 500mb’y with easy to use features.

jumpshar to  : File your “Drag & Share” feature, you can easily send someone.

pastelink. on  : dragging your files, you can send your sharers.  : your very large files is an online service that you can transfer easily.

DropSend  : Free 250 MB file sending possibility of being given this opportunity by sending 5 months sınırlandırılmıştı and at the desktop application support services offered from 5 US dollars per month for the Mac file size for use up to 1GB of here, we can not wage kullanabiliyorsunuz.uygul DropSend. com   Go to the site.


MailBigFile : Free paid version of the service can send a 100MB file yıllık20 USD and file size of 2 GB çıkıyor.kullan to send to here I  go to the site. .


Hightailed  : Paid membership in exchange for up to 2 GB file that you can use as gönderebiliyorsunuz.ücretsiz service that lets you send large files in a secure manner to take advantage of sağlıyor.servis here I    click.


I İ  : the service available in the file depeol tool, you can make backups and file paylaşımlarınızı. I   entered the address, you can post your large files


I  . Membership does not want the service can send large size. here.  go to the service.

To make room on your hard disk by backing up your large files online sites, you can not send files to email you can share with saklayabilirsiniz. here.

: You can back up your files, you can edit the files you paylaşabilirsiniz.iste your friends, you can publish on the web, taking embed codes you can share your website.  You can edit such as the folder system to organize the desktop of your computer. You can edit the folder mobile or send to anyone you want. They can use their machines without downloading files via It gives you 1 GB for free.

 : you can download files, drag-sharing by yedekleyebiliyorsunuz.iste your files to your computer and your friends by downloading a software gönderebiliyorsunuz.küçük, establishing a program on your computer, files can add a drop folder. YouSendIt Select the file, type the e-mail address you want to send, the rest he got it.

If you want to try different alternatives out of them, .
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kullanabileceğiniz file storage and sending sites.

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